Tuesday, August 07, 2001

Rented The Mexican on DVD. Incompatible with everything. No PS2, skidded by on the G4. As if the Carl's isn't enough punishment, I have to deal with the newly-formed triple threat tag team of Buena Vista Pictures, Dreamworks, and the neighborhood Blockbuster. I am in all aspects a good consumer-- I have rotating debt, I purchase "new and improved items" I have no less than three different video game systems, and a whole mess of over-sophisticated elecrtronics. Now my 300 dollar Sony Monolith isn't good enough for Disney and it's cronies? I have to have a separate DVD player to handle their "content"?? Well, I already do-- the DVD option in this machine is no slouch-- but the newer the discs get, the less compatible they are. Hung the DVD player software about a dozen times.

So I guess I should run out and buy a standalone, right? My THIRD DVD PLAYER?! Presumably to go with our seven CD players and two VCRs. Thoreau may have been a tremendous crackpot, but that does not rule out the idea that he was on to at least a very little something.

Sunday, August 05, 2001

This land may be our land, but apparently we have to reserve separate and independent Gods.

I've come to be un unwitting victim of religious exclusivity. You see, the bulk of my inhereted family and their associates have all,, at one point or another, "found" some relationship with the halo-toting, cloud-riding, bush-burning God of Gods that is fit to adorn the top of the mount and steeple alike, the fateful and sometiumes hateful Christian God. I am but a lowly agnostic, which, while lowly, gives me the ability to look up at people instyead of down at them, so here's what I've seen.

No one can be as exclusive as the Catholics. Nobody. They have got it so down, between the reading of the scripture and the quoting of the whatever, and the out-and-out reservation of Sunday in the sole name of the Father, theat there are no loopholes. What loopholes, you ask? They are one and all rampant exclusivists. They will stick to theirs like no analogy man can muster. Imagine if you will, an existence in which there is only the fuzzy side to velcro-- that way, there is no frightening ccrrrccckkk sound, no agressive hooky bits, and everyone is exactly alike. And not one fucking thing ever gets done.

Because to me, Christinaity can be divided into two halves: assuaging and whimpering. The first half is the part in which one must tell oneself to be thankful for all of the pain and hardship that one has, because it was handed down from God just because he's such a great guy. The other part is where one whines at length in song and scripture about how hard and painful everything is, and how only He can come and fix it. But why would he? He kills his own kids, right?

It's the whimpering that really bothers me. That's the half with all of the Christian alt-rock in it. A good deal of mainstream pop does happen to fall into the assuaging category, but that's another story. Here I'm trampling on Christian alt-rock. Which is in many lights more wicked and insidious that the ordinary sing hail halleluyah stuff the people in the robes offer up. For you see, the Christian alt-rockers try to hide their message inside the vehicles of the heathen, with catchy basslines and a drummer with some energy. Where are the slowly plucked acoustic guitars? Where's the awful clapping of hands?

Because one must use more andmore sophisticated tooll to convince new acolytes to gravitate toward the inherently flawed belief structure. It's a good thing there are so many people in the world, at least in Christian terms- because the smart ones are catching on. And if not for Christian alt-rock to net the teens and the idea of Hell to hold 'em, the world might accidently be a happier, less repressive place. And we can't have that, can we?

Because we must endure the folly of kowtowing to God, of singing his glory out of the one side of our mounths while begging him to what the fuck ever out of the other. We should live and try to be like Jesus and die young and pointlessly, accomplishing nothing. MY God would I think be offended by the simple concept-- Imagine if you will the most powerful power that you can possibly think of- then make it ten times more powerful, and that would be God. In strong theory, he made everything-- EVERYTHING. Sing a song, write a book, beg on your knees until you bleed-- it is all one form of folly or another. Worship God, thank God, praise God. After all, why would you go out of your way to help your fellow man, the one that lives in the same suffering that you do? (And if you do lend a hand make sure to do it in the name of GOD!!) That way you can fooll your conscious into believing that you don't like helping people; God made you do it. Now maybe you won't go to Hell! And won't that be great, the not going to Hell?

Sure it will. Stick to your belief structure, as self-contradictory, flawed, and exclusivist as it is. Work hard for God, thank God, grovel well to kisss the Ring. use inconsistencies to your advantage to gain access to Heaven. It shouldn't be too crowded. Looks like me and all the Hindus and Buddhists and Taos and Muslims and probably even Protestants aren't getting our boarding passes.

The Lord is, in the beginning and the end, thy shepard. So give 'im a nice baaaaaa to let him know you're back there.

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