Monday, September 12, 2005

Talk about being hopelessly out of date-- man, a brave new world this is. As soon as I can shake off some of the cobwebs, I'll see if I can make more a go of this.

Brought up from the depths, to once again bask in the dim spotlight of obscurity. But isn't that the point, folk(s)? I/we are here to cast our shadows, and nothing more... after all, without a guarantee of an outside audience, this is just manifestation of ego, I/we reckon.

But on to happier things, eh? Better than 2 and a half years since an update... wow. I blame messageboards-- like commercials in my head, clipping the attention span into easily digestible 30 second nuggets. Anything longer would spit on the unwritten rules of internet brevity.

But I've never been one for the hard and fast, particularly when it comes to rules-- so I think I'll make a renewed foray into the realm of semi-anonymous self satisfaction.

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